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This information is provided to help keep your air conditioning system performing as it did when the vehicle was new. If there is any other question that comes to mind then feel free to use the contact numbers at the bottom of this page.

FAQ 1. How often should the air conditioning be used?

Ideally all the time; winter and summer. However, if you don't want to do this then 30mins every 2 weeks will help to keep it in shape. This is needed to circulate the special oil that seals and lubricates the system. Without using the a/c the seals dry and the gas is lost.

FAQ 2. Can I use the a/c with my heating system?

A/c works well with the car's heating system, winter or summer. Many people find the a/c helps them, as it is filtered, dry and cool. It can help keep children from overheating on long journeys.

FAQ 3. How often does the a/c system need recharging? 

Ideally, used regularly it should last 4-5 yrs. Eventually, sufficient gas will be lost for the system to be inefficient and stop cooling. When this happens what remains in the a/c system is recovered and a full charge added. This is all done by weight, which is why a car cannot be 'topped up."

FAQ 4. I have been told a/c is good in winter because it dehumidifies. What does this mean? 

It means that moisture is removed from the air as it passes into the cabin of the car. This in turn "demists" the windows very efficiently and stops it reoccurring.

FAQ 5. The air appears to be colder the slower the fan is in the car. Is this true? 

Yes, as the temperature of the incoming air is dependant upon how long it stays on the cold coils of the a/c evaporator, the slower the fan the longer the air is on the coils. The evaporator is a small radiator that is inside the car that the a/c system uses to transfer heat from the air.

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